Thursday, March 21, 2013

Genealogy and Grandsons

My grandson is so much fun.  He does my heart good.
The other night, he was looking over his mother's shoulder as she completed yet another on-line survey.  To the "what is your ancestry" question, she had checked off "British (UK)" when he reacted with, "Hey, that's not right!"
She told him it was indeed right and proceeded to give him a lesson in genealogy, showing him various pieces of my work.
He was enthralled, and peppered her with numerous questions, each answer eliciting more surprise.
"Is that right?"
When she told him about there being a cousin in England who shares her name, he was amazed to learn that his mother's middle name is Cheryl. 
"What?" he exclaimed.  "Your middle name is Cheryl?  How come I didn't know that?"
At one one point, he covered his head in anguish and declared, "Gosh, I'm almost twelve and there's so much I don't know about my family!"
Oh, my striking young man.  Just as your mother has always done, you make me laugh!

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