Saturday, March 23, 2013

One step forward, two steps back

That's what the past two weeks have felt like.
I'll have a good day and be able to achieve all sorts of tasks.
And that day will be followed by one of not being able to put one foot in front of the other.
Feeling like I've run a marathon the day before.
Or been beaten up by the Mafia mob.
Or fallen down a steep flight of stairs.
Or been run over by a dozen Mack trucks.
Take your pick.  Whatever the affliction, it's a horrible way to spend a day.  And I've had too many of them lately.
The strangest thing is, each time I experience a flare-up now, I'm left with another part of my body (usually in the hands) that doesn't want to recover.
First, it was the ring finger of my left hand.  Since last September, I've been unable to wear my wedding band because of the swelling that will not subside.
Next, it was the index finder of my right hand.  Do you know how many tasks you do in a day that call on the index finger of the dominant hand?  Many.  Of that I can assure you!  Not the least of which is controlling the mouse. (This could become serious folks.)
Then, it was my left elbow.  Makes reaching for and lifting my wine glass very painful.  (We're getting into extreme territory now friends.)
The latest is my wrists.  Both hands.  Need I ask how many times in a day one performs a task that calls into action one's wrists?  It's amazing how little you think about it until you have pain every time you use them!
This is truly becoming a matter of deep concern.
One would think that the medical community being what it is would by now have come up with something that would relieve inflammation and pain in someone like me who cannot tolerate ASA or anti-inflammatories.
Surely there must be something that would work.  And we need to find it before I lose total use of my limbs.

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