Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh dear, I've really been delinquent

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts.
Time flies when you're in pain, I guess.
Since my last post, I went into the big city for my physio session on Tuesday.
Wednesday was another 'down' day so nothing got done.  It was also the day we had the worst snow storm of the season, receiving in excess of 20 cm of snow.
Thursday was supposed to be my massage day but my therapist got stuck in a snow bank on her way here and had to be towed out.  Once she was rescued, she turned around and went back to the clinic.  We rescheduled for Friday, but I was to go to the clinic instead of her coming to me.
However, Friday was yet another bad day and I had to cancel.  I slept the day away instead.
But going back to Thursday, I saw my doctor to let her know what I had done with respect to going off the Prednisone (and that I had suffered withdrawal anyway).  She was OK with my changing the last few reductions but she warned me that I would be in for a rough week-end (she was right).  She assured me, though, that I'd feel much better by Tuesday.
Yesterday was a 'not bad' day but because I was feeling so-so, I had lots to do around here.  I managed several loads of laundry, and filed our income taxes.
AND I watched my boys of summer, which is always a delightful way to 'rest.'  We get a bonus game on television today, which pleases me no end.
Of course, because I did so much yesterday, I had a terrible night last night.  So I'm in for a rough day today.  Which means it's yet another 'take it slow and easy' day.
This will end, I know it will!  The doctor said it will end by Tuesday, but she also said that I am 'more resilient than most' so I'm thinking it should be over by today or tomorrow.

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