Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another "bad hands" day

Well, here we go again.  My hands are worser (sic) than ever today.
And this time, it's my own damned fault.  I know exactly why they are so sore today.
Yesterday, enjoying a second consecutive good day, I went to Walmart to do some shopping.  Amongst my purchases were four (4) flats of water.  (I refuse to drink the well water here.)
I moved those flats from the shelf at the store into my cart, from the cart into my car, and from my car into the house.  (John was not home so I did it my own self!)
There were other items that had to be brought into the house but I used my stair lift to move stuff up to the living quarters of our home.
Today, I'm paying the price big time.  And those flats of water were the significant culprits.  
Yes, I got the lecture from John this morning when he found out what I had done.  Next time, I'm to leave the stuff in the car until he gets home.
My reply?  "I know I could do that.  But when I can, I do.  I hate being an invalid."
Actually, what I said was, "I hate being inVALid."
Because really, this business of having to limit my activities makes me feel invalidated.  Silly perhaps, but that's the effect all these limitations have on me.  And I don't like that feeling, so whenever I can, I do.

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