Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sleep woes

After enjoying two consecutive nights of almost-decent sleep (five hours straight, followed by three more), the past two nights have been not so decent.
In fact, the past two nights have been downright awful!
Filled with dreams of being in pain.
Frequent awakenings to try to get comfortable.  And once awake, having great difficulty going back to sleep.
Suffice to say, today I feel dreadful.
And I have to drive into the city for my physio session (which I need badly).
This is one physio session I can't cancel because tomorrow morning, at 8:30am, I have my appointment with my surgeon.  It is my one year check-up on my hip replacement and we have much to discuss (ie what are we going to do about this bursitis that is preventing me from enjoying the benefits of his wonderful work?).
Since I have such an early appointment tomorrow, I pushed my physio session to a later time today and will stay overnight at my little chickadee's.  That's always a bonus.
Of course, by staying overnight in the city, it breaks up the trip for me and makes it not so onerous.
Half the trip today; other half tomorrow.  
That's good planning when I feel this awful.

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