Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hurry up and wait

That's what I call this game of dealing with doctors.
The surgeon was certainly sympathetic to my complaint.
He has ordered an MRI of both hips to find out what's really going on.  He explained that in cases like this, it's never really "bursitis" -- that's just a name that everyone has come to call it.  It's almost always something going on with the tendons.  And he can assure me that removing the bursae will NOT put an end to my pain.
Once he has the results of the MRI, we will discuss my options.  (Apparently there are some but he refused to give me even a hint of what they might be.)  I am to see him again a week after the MRI is done.
I've just checked with the booking department at the hospital, and depending on the urgency the surgeon has put on the request, it could take anywhere from a week to four months for my appointment.  I'm fairly certain I heard the surgeon tell the assisting doctor to "put a rush on that."  At least I hope that's what I heard him say.
In the meantime, the surgeon suggested that I ask my doctor to increase the prednisone dosage to carry me over until we find a resolution.  He agreed that we don't want to use prednisone as a long-term solution.  I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow morning and that was one of the discussions I had planned to have with her.
Hurry up and wait ...
Perhaps, if we can find the right (safe) dosage of prednisone, we can make my wait a little more comfortable.  I'm becoming seriously sleep-deprived!

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