Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun with turkeys

We continue to enjoy our daily visits from the flock of wild turkeys.
They visit at various times throughout the day, in varying numbers (up to eight at one point), but seem to have settled on six of late.
In the morning, they come through from across the road, where it would seem they have spent the night.  They feed under our kitchen window, where we now have to be vigilant about putting out seed first thing every morning lest they arrive before their breakfast is served.  We also have to be very careful not to be at the kitchen sink when they're eating because they get spooked very easily.  Hence, our breakfast clean-up often can't happen until late morning!
(Photo by John T. Fowler)
Once they've had their fill, they head off into the woods back of our place, where they spend a couple of hours before coming back through for lunch.
(Photo by John T. Fowler)
After lunch, they go back across the road for the afternoon.
Had John been home yesterday when I took these two photos, he'd have been able to get much better shots of the ritual.  (He's the photographer, not I, as is evidenced by the two top photographs compared to the pair above).
Most days, they usually come back through in late afternoon and do the same circuit over again.
It really is a delight to watch these birds but we have to watch them surreptitiously because they can detect the very slightest of movement and run off for protection from the perceived threat.
They should have caught on by now that we are no threat to them. We're the ones providing all that easy food. The least they could do is let us watch them eat it!

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