Sunday, February 3, 2013

My search for Philip Nowlan

I guess they're not interested.
Which saddens me greatly.  
I really would have liked to connect with Philip Nowlan and his family.
It's now been three weeks since I messaged Philip's sister on FaceBook.
It's been a week since I messaged Philip's daughter.
Not even a return message asking me to leave them alone.
But, I can take a hint (or two, or three).
I am absolutely confident that I've found the right Nowlan group.
I simply don't understand why they don't want to know about their Canadian cousins.
But, should they change their minds, they'll know where to find me.
So, Philip, Teresa, Jess, PJ, ... whenever you're ready, I'll still be here, open to meeting you.
(I guess this is sort of my first "failed" genealogical search.  Although the search itself did not fail, having found living relatives, I failed to connect with them.)

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