Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm gonna graduate

Saw my physiotherapist yesterday.
She is tres pleased with my progress.
Wants to move me from the walker to the cane but she needs the surgeon's OK to do that.  (Since I see him tomorrow, I'm taking him a note from her asking for his approval.  He will give it and next Monday when I see her, she will "instruct" me on that transition.)
Woo hoo.  Freedom.  Sort of.
She is still not happy about my knee, although it too is mending.  Her note to the surgeon is asking him to take a look at it.
Her note is also asking him to assess what she thinks is a haematoma on my inner thigh.  The growth is significantly smaller now than it was, but it is still quite prominent and she is concerned that it hasn't completely dissipated by now.
But, all in all, she is impressed that I am doing as well as I am.
Even some of the exercises I have to do, I can do with relative ease now. 
Such a change in five days!
She tells me that driving is allowed eight weeks post-op for a right hip (it's six weeks for the left hip).  So I'm half way there.
Can't come soon enough for me I tell ya.

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