Friday, October 24, 2014


Wow, I'm free four weeks earlier than anticipated.
I saw the surgeon on Wednesday and just thought I'd ask him when I get my driving privileges back.
"You can drive any time now," he said.  "Assuming you have a valid drivers' licence."  (Ever the comedian that he is.)
Music to my ears.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
My physiotherapist had been so insistent that it would be eight weeks for the right hip.
Here is was four weeks out and he's giving me permission to drive.
Woo hoo!
He also gave me permission to progress from the walker to the cane, which of course I knew he would do.  What I wasn't expecting was for him to tell me to abandon the cane too, if I wanted.  As long as my balance is OK.  Which it is.
I don't really use any aid around the house but I'll humour my physiotherapist and continue using the cane until she gives the OK on that one.  I can still see the wisdom of having the cane handy during the night if I have to get up because I am quite stiff after not moving for a while.  Same is true after sitting for any length of time.  Those initial steps are quite stiff and wobbly but once I get going I'm fine.  And of course, the cane will be with me whenever I leave the house because if I'm going to be walking any distance, I will need it to help with the fatigue factor.
But the important thing is I CAN DRIVE.
No more being chauffeured around!
And I can resume my weekly physio sessions in Ottawa (which have been booked to the end of the year).
I've got my life back on track, a mere four weeks post surgery.
Oh, and I can do stairs like a big girl too (one step at a time, rather than both feet on each step).  That's huge!  Couldn't do that for months after the left hip was replaced.

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