Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another day, another medical appointment

It seems our lives are governed by medical appointments lately.
One or the other of us seems to have something going on every day of the week.
For instance, this week has mapped out like this:
  • Monday:  John to his doctor; both of us to flu clinic; me to physio
  • Tuesday:  John to x-ray at local hospital
  • Wednesday:  John to MRI at Ottawa hospital
  • Thursday:  My Aaaaaaaahday (this is a joy, and at home, so does it count?)
  • Friday:  Both of us to audiologist to get our "repaired" (we hope) hearing aids
And for the next six weeks, at least, my weeks will be as follows:
  • Monday:  Almonte physio (hip rehab)
  • Tuesday:  Ottawa physio (general pain management)
  • Wednesday:  Almonte physio (hip rehab)
  • Thursday:  Aaaaaahday (I know, bonus, but medical nevertheless)
I guess I'll take Friday to do household stuff and perhaps groceries.  I do have to pace myself carefully.

Now, somewhere in there will be John's follow-up appointments to get results of his x-ray and MRI tests.  And he will be getting a call at some point for physio at the Almonte CBI as soon as they have room for him (it's a very busy place and he wants a specific therapist so he has to wait his turn).  He also has been promising for months to go back to the eye doctor so he can get new glasses in this calendar year (insurance issue).  He's running out of calendar time!

It isn't lost on me that Christmas is moving in fast.  Most years, by Remembrance Day I've pretty much finished my shopping.
This year?  Haven't even started on the gift list!  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip
Haven't even got the Christmas card in production yet.  Well, I've decided on the photo for the card.  But we have to take the photo.  That's on next week's agenda.  That's progress isn't it?
Gotta put up my Christmas village too.  That will happen some time late November/early December.

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