Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My tummy tuck saga

Yesterday morning, I met with the anaesthesiologist to get his OK for my tummy tuck surgery.
Once he heard my history, he said he had to agree with my family doctor.  I should be admitted for 24-48 hours -- mine should not be done as day surgery.  And he didn't feel comfortable recommending that my surgery take place at the local community hospital.  He didn't feel that they were properly equipped to deal with an emergency at 2:00 am, should one arise.  (That doesn't say much about the level of health care for the residents of that community does it?)
He's going to send a note to my surgeon advising him of his recommendation that my procedure be done at a larger hospital.
When I got home, I called my surgeon's office and asked if he still operated out of the larger, city hospital.
He doesn't.
But I should wait until he receives the report from the anaesthesiologist to see what he recommends.
Obviously, he won't be doing my surgery.
Now, the choice is mine as to who will fulfil this dream for me.
I'm seeing my family doctor tomorrow morning to let her know about this development.  We'll also discuss whether she feels that our local community hospital isn't properly equipped to deal with my breathing issues.  (Our local community hospital is not the same as the one discussed above.)  If she feels comfortable recommending me to one of the two surgeons who perform this procedure at our local hospital, I think I might follow her advice and keep it local.  Then I can also be under her care while I'm in hospital following the surgery.

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