Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here we wait again

My visit with the tummy tuck doctor went very well.  (He's such a nice man!)
Once we reacquainted ourselves with the situation, and established that this time I was really ready to go ahead with the procedure, we got down to brass tacks.
He again went through the detailed description of exactly what the procedure entails (complete with graphics).
He examined me to reconfirm that I am a candidate for the procedure, and that I don't need muscle repair (I don't).  He assured me that precisely what I want rid of will be gone, gone, gone.
Then he dropped the bombshell.
He won't agree to do the surgery until the anaesthesiologist has met with me and gives the green light.  Because of my "issues" he just wants to be sure that everyone's on board.  His office will initiate that appointment for me and once I've been cleared, we will proceed with the planning stages (pay the 10% deposit, book the surgery date etc).
So, wait I will.
He estimates that I just might garner an early December surgery date.

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