Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My annual "alone time" has begun

John left yesterday morning for his annual bird hunting trip up the valley.  He'll be gone until next Monday, giving me six glorious days of alone time.
I love my husband.
But I also treasure time alone.
Always have.
And I guess I always will.
As a very young child, I can recall hating the constant hum of activity that came from being the member of a large family.  I just so wanted quiet.  Perhaps noise has always bothered me.
I spend my time here alone, with no radio blaring.
No television playing, unless I choose to watch something, of course.
Just the hum of the computer (and the ever-present hissing of tinnitus!).
If I leave this room to sit in the living room, there won't even be that noise to intrude -- then there will only be the constant din in my ear from the tinnitus!  That's when I'll turn on the television and set the volume just low enough so as not to be really heard by me, but loud enough to suppress the constant hissing in my ears.
The cleaning lady will be here soon and will break the silence for two hours.
But when she leaves, the house will be sparkling.
And it will remain that way until Monday.
That's when my alone time will come to an end.
The days between now and then will pass all too quickly, although I have nothing in particular planned for the time.
Other than just being alone.

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