Monday, October 14, 2013

Last day of my alone time

Day seven, last day, of my alone time.
John called yesterday to let me know that he will be back earlier than he had anticipated.  His son, who joined him on Thursday evening, wants to be home on time for dinner because his wife has something special planned.
Hmmmmmm.  Was that a hint?
He said not but I'll surprise him anyway.
Truth is, I have really truly enjoyed this time alone.
I have undertaken a different project around here each day of my alone time (have to pace myself you know).
One day, I tackled the front porch, approach to the house, and steps up to the garage.  Cleaned all the leaves away.  It's stayed remarkably clear too.
On another day, I cleared the deck of its collection of leaves.  It too has stayed remarkably clear.
Yet another day, I took on the cement pad that I call the "courtyard" -- the area between the deck and my sanctuary.  Now that was a challenge.  Besides the abundance of leaves that needed to be removed, there was the horrific collection of sunflower seed shells beneath the ledge on which we feed the birds from the kitchen window.  It took considerable muscle power to work that mess out of concrete!  That area too has stayed remarkably clear since it was cleaned.
Fortunately, most of the leaves have fallen from the trees so there are no new ones to be added.  And we haven't had much wind in the past week to help blow the leaves back from whence I've removed them.  But when the wind comes, my work will have been for naught.
In the interim, I'll enjoy the fruits of my labour while I can.
Of course, other days have been occupied with routine household chores:  laundry, baking, cooking, grocery shopping, and the like.  One still has to do those sorts of things, even when one is enjoying one's alone time.
I've maintained my "diet" regime in John's absence.  In fact, I've stuck to it better than I'm able to when he's around because I've eaten only what I want, without his food preferences influencing the meal choices.  I've also stuck to my workout routine, determined to lose the next ten pounds (my body doesn't seem to want to give them up though).
John's surprise?
When he arrives this afternoon, I'll tell him how much I missed him -- and I'll say it like I mean it.  (I will have dinner in the making.)
But now, I must go clean up from all these wild parties I've been having!

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