Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My next surgery is wait listed

It's official.
I am now wait listed for right total hip arthroplasty.
I didn't actually see my surgeon yesterday.  He had been called away to a family emergency (a possible car accident?) so a resident took his calls.  Our visit was most informative indeed!
Once we established that there was a need for the surgery, we discussed some of my issues.
I want anterior approach.  Done.
I want the bursa to be removed.  There ensued a most interesting discussion indeed.  Apparently, they can't get at the bursa using the anterior approach.  Now that's confusing -- my surgeon had told me that he "incises through but does not excise" the bursa when I asked about what he had done on the left side.  How could that be if it can't be accessed by the anterior approach?  I can see now that he must have been referring to those patients on whom he used the posterior approach.  When we were talking, he "forgot" that I had requested the anterior.  (Apparently, he only uses the anterior approach in select circumstances.)
The resident told me that I need to discuss that matter further with the surgeon.  He actually took the time to examine the mysterious lump I still have on my left side and he agreed that it is very curious indeed.
Anyway, back to the right hip.  He agreed with my concerns about fibromyalgia and the likely wisdom of using the anterior approach to hopefully avoid further problems in the trochanter area in the future.  BUT, if I truly want the bursa removed, I need to discuss the options with my surgeon.
So, I signed the consent forms which put my name on the waiting list for the surgery.  He advised me to make sure to book an appointment to see the surgeon before the surgery date to discuss the bursa / anterior approach issue.
And he told me to keep my November appointment to see the surgeon, which is a follow-up for the left hip.  It will give me an opportunity to raise some of these questions with the surgeon.
Oh, and he sees no issue about the timing of a tummy tuck in relation to the hip replacement.  The choice is mine.  We agreed that I may as well then go ahead and book that tuck now because it could be over and done with before this next hip surgery is likely to happen.
I will call the tummy tuck doctor this morning to make that initial consultation appointment.

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