Thursday, September 5, 2013

Celebrex Update

I saw my family doctor yesterday and presented her with the problems I've been having since I started taking Celebrex.
She was surprised to say the least.  Even suggested that perhaps something else was going on to cause the issues.
Eventually (and it really didn't take long), I convinced her that since all the issues had an onset with the introduction of Celebrex, I felt it was safe to blame the drug.  I'm familiar enough with my body and my medical history to be very confident of that.
When I suggested breaking out the dose to two 100 mg capsules a day instead of the one 200 mg capsule, she instead felt that I should take two 200 mg capsules a day.  That's the maximum dose of the drug and it's not unreasonable to expect that that is what I need to be taking.
So, we agreed that I would try the higher dosing.  
We also agreed that if the headaches, poor sleeping pattern and increased leg cramps continued, I would stop taking the drug altogether and call it a failed experiment.
But we are both hopeful that the newer dose, providing me with a continuous level of the drug, will give the drug a chance to get the inflammation under control and eventually I'll begin to feel its benefits.
Time will tell.

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