Sunday, September 15, 2013

Celebrex experiment is over

I broke down last Wednesday and saw my doctor again.
Just couldn't take it any longer!
She took one look at me and didn't even wait for the question to be completed.  (I was telling her that I was hoping she would agree to my stopping the Celebrex.)
"Yes, definitely," she said.  "It obviously isn't working for you."
She said she would have to come up with something else to address my pain.  I told her I wasn't willing to try anything else until I recovered from what this poison had been doing.
I was with her for less than two minutes.  Even her staff was surprised to see me exit so soon after going in.
So that evening, I didn't take the 200 mg capsule.
And the next morning, I woke without the pounding headache that had been plaguing me for the previous weeks.  (That headache had worsened when we doubled the dosage.)
It took a couple of days before the residual headache totally disappeared but I clearly felt much better off the drug than I had been while on it.
And by Friday, two days off it, I could honestly say that Celebrex was definitely having a negative impact on my life.
The generalized all-over malaise had lifted.  I no longer felt like I was in a mini fibro flare-up.  Like I'd been beaten up by several thugs.  For some reason, the Celebrex had clearly added to my inflammation rather than reduced it.
Now, I'm back to my normal level of isolated arthritic pains.
And frankly, in comparison to how I felt while taking Celebrex, this is heaven!  I might be able to move mountains.
If my  hands didn't hurt so much!


Bonnie said...

I'm so glad you are feeling somewhat better off the Celebrex. Sorry you had to through so much pain. Hopefully your doctor can find something that will help you. Have you tried meloxicam? My doctor put me on that for inflammation since I couldn't tolerate the Celebrex either.

Gentle Hugs,

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

Hi Bonnie
Thank you for your kind sentiments.
I haven't yet tried Meloxicam -- never heard of that one. Will look it up. I'm not willing to try anything new yet though. Gotta recover from this most recent attack. I'm just gonna stay with the status quo for a while.