Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm Shrinking!

My weight loss efforts seem to be working.
My waist is five inches smaller than it was back in April.
My hips are three inches smaller.
My neck is only one inch smaller.
Not sure how that works, but obviously one can't lose five inches off one's neck -- there might be nothing left of it!
In the scheme of things, I guess the shrinking is proportional.  But what do I know?
The interesting thing is, I don't look at me and see a much smaller person than I was.  I know that I'm smaller because the scale tells me I must be.  (I still have some to lose but I have reached my first goal.)
Truth be known, as long as I have this damned excess tummy that I have carried around for the past 35 years, it won't matter how much weight I lose.  I'm simply not going to be happy with how I look.
Which is a perfect segue into my being conflicted about this whole tummy tuck issue.  I mean, I want to have it.
But I'm deathly afraid of surgery.
And to line up for an elective surgery that clearly is not necessary -- it's simply something I've wanted for a very long time -- seems kind of silly to me.  Especially when I have a required surgery waiting in the wings.
Counter intuitive, if you will.
One doesn't and shouldn't necessarily always get what one wants in life.  And just because I've wanted this for so long is perhaps not enough justification to go ahead with it.
My family doctor suggested that if I really want to have a tummy tuck, perhaps it should be done and I should be completed healed and recovered from it before the next hip replacement surgery.  She was thinking in terms of infection risk.  She told me that I should discuss the timing of the two surgeries with both surgeons.
Well, on Tuesday of next week I'll be seeing the orthopaedic surgeon and will raise the topic with him.  (He'll probably think I'm nuts but perhaps he already thinks that?)
Once I've seen ortho guy, I'll book an appointment with tummy tuck guy and see what he has to say. In any event, I'll not allow the tummy tuck to happen before February 2014 because I'll want to wait until at least two years since the previous hip replacement.

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Bonnie said...

Congrats on losing those inches!