Friday, May 10, 2013

Wow, it's been a while!

Where does the time go?
May 10th already!!!!!!!!
Let's see now.  What ever has kept me so busy for the past almost two weeks, I wonder?
On Tuesday mornings, I now have my "Healthy You" Class.  I call them my "Fat Class" but that will be our secret!  I've come to resent the time those classes are taking out of my life I tell you.
I find the classes a complete bore!  Turns out I learned what I needed to know at my assessment visit with the nurse on April 11th.  Not a single iota of helpful new information has come to me as a result of the classes - yet.  But I will stick with them to the end because I committed to the seven-class series.  There's only four more to go. (That's four more Tuesday mornings taken out of my life!)
What is the "new information" that I learned from the nurse? (1) Eat three meals and two snacks every day; and (2) Eat within 60 minutes of getting up every day.
So, I've incorporated both those habits into my daily schedule.  But that's the only thing I'm doing differently. (Other than I switched from 2% to skim milk, again as a result of my meeting with the nurse -- not as a result of these classes.)
My weight loss has been slow, but steady and I will continue doing what I'm doing.  But again, I did the same thing a year and a half ago -- without going to class to do it.  And a year and half ago, when I successfully lost 20 pounds over two and half months, I wasn't doing the three meals and two snacks a day and I most certainly was not eating within 60 minutes of waking.
But, this is not the first time I've heard that one should not go the great lengths of time between eating that I used to be able to go.  My body is being trained to need food at regular intervals.  (I am nevertheless still being challenged to reach that 1200 calories a day threshold!)
On May 1st I had my appointment with the surgeon to review the results of my MRI.
Yeh, that was another complete waste of my time!
"Well, the tendons aren't torn.  That's good,"  he says.  "How's your right leg doing?"
"Have you ever had an injection in the right joint?" he asked. "Would you like another one?"
"I'll see you again in six months."
There was actually a two-way conversation that took place but that's the summary of what was discussed.  He had absolutely nothing to offer about the persistent pain in my bursa area.  He simply sent me on my way.
I came home and cleaned my porch to burn the anger-energy that needed to be expended.
The next morning I saw my doctor to discuss the visit with the surgeon and she took the time to actually review the MRI results with me.  She gave me a copy of the report and suggested that it would be good to take a copy to my physiotherapist, who could give me exercises to address the specific muscles that need work.  Perhaps it is the atrophied muscles that are a large cause of the pain (besides the role that fibromyalgia is playing in the whole scenario).
When my physiotherapist saw the report, she was delighted at its depth.  She eagerly came up with a series of exercises to give me and I have added them to my regimen.  Pretty soon, my entire day will be taken up with exercise if this keeps up!
Of course, yesterday was Thursday.
Massage day.
My otherwise "do nothing" day.
I love Thursdays!

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