Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fat Class Tuesday

Today is my "Fat Class" day.
I don't have to go into the big city for physio because my therapist is on holiday in Turkey for two weeks!  Imagine.  I mean, really.  A therapist taking holidays. The nerve!  
Seriously though, I'll miss the sessions with her but at least it gets me off the hook for making that round trip this week and next.
And it's just as well I tell you.  After the "down" day I had this past Saturday, I had a wipe out day on Sunday.  Slept practically all day long.  Had three naps throughout the day and still went to bed for the night fairly early.  Didn't even do my treadmill or stretching or weights that day.  Not at all in character for me.  
Yesterday was another lazy day but I first got in all my exercising.
I'm still not feeling particularly energetic but no "illness" has surfaced either.
Here it is, 8:45 am and I've had breakfast; I'm ready to go to my "fat class" but I'm not enthused about it.  I could just as easily stay home and do nothing (or take care of household chores).  Of course, it doesn't help that I'm bored to tears in these classes.  Only three more to go!
Normally, I would have already done my treadmill and stretches and weights by now.  But since I'll be coming home from the class (rather than heading into the big city for physio), I'll do that stuff later this morning.
Onward and upward ...

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