Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank God it's Morning!

Wow, that was a long night! Am I ever glad it's over.
My dreams were filled with scenarios to explain the degree of pain I was experiencing. As I came to consciousness for the umpteenth time this morning, my brain was trying to rationalize some explanation for my increased discomfort.
Lack of physio session last week?  Sure hope not, because I don't have a session this week again.  (Therapist is still on holiday!)  If that is the cause, I opined, does that mean that ten days is the most my body can tolerate without a treatment?  Possible, I guessed.
And then it hit me.
Last week, I upped my treadmill time from 20 minutes to 25 minutes. One wouldn't think that should make a great deal of difference but I wanted to step up my weight loss chances.
When I reached the 20 minute mark on the treadmill, my physiotherapist had advised me not to exceed that time --  she was concerned that my hips could not tolerate longer than that.
Yesterday marked five consecutive days at 25 minutes each.
Today, I will return to 20 minutes, and leave it at that here on after.  (That of course assumes that I will be able to do any time on the treadmill today.)
I guess I should listen to my physiotherapist.
She has proven time and again that she knows of what she speaks!

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