Thursday, May 16, 2013

My doctor is a sweetheart!

I had a most interesting telephone call yesterday morning.
My doctor called me, out of the blue, and said she had thought of me the night before when she was reading an e-mail.  It had prompted her to do further research and now she was calling me to find out if I would be agreeable to what she was thinking would be a potentially beneficial line of treatment for me.
It's called "aspirin desensitisation" and it is a proven protocol to hopefully allow a patient who otherwise cannot tolerate aspirin to be able to take it and other NSAIDs.
Sounds good to me!  If it works, it could address my issue with my hips, my hands, my knees, my shoulders, etc.
So she's referring me to an allergist (who is also an internist) because she believes I should be monitored by a specialist for such an undertaking.
I couldn't disagree with that line of thinking.
While I had her on the phone, I explained that I had intended to call for an appointment because I want to start the Synvisc injections for my knees again.  I knew that she was not in the office on Fridays and I want to have them administered on successive Fridays.   (I have to stay off my feet for 48 hours after the injections.)
"No problem," she said, "the doctor who gave you the injections last year will be here on Fridays and I have no difficulty with you seeing her again for that purpose."
"OK, but I'll need a prescription for the stuff," I said.
"I'll fax it to the pharmacy right now," she replied.
And just like that, it's done.  All I have to do now is call to make the appointments for three consecutive Fridays to get the shots.
I'll do that this morning, to start the shots on Friday, May 31st. (I'm busy next Friday!)
You know you have a good doctor when ...

On another note, today is Thursday, and by now, you all know how much I looooooove Thursdays.
Now, I have another reason to love the day.
It's my weigh-in day.  And today, I'm down eight pounds!  Eight pounds I tell you!
Yee haw -- I'm on my way to getting that tummy tuck!

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