Monday, April 22, 2013

Wow, Life is getting ahead of me

Here it is Monday again already.  Where does the time go?
Seems like just yesterday I was posting about how much I love Thursdays!
Oh well, since then, I've hardly been home.
On Friday, I lunched with my Angel.  That takes me out of the house for the better part of the day.  We meet at 11:30 am and don't part ways until 2:00 pm or later.  By the time I get back home, it's almost drinky-poo time.  That marks the end of my productive day.  No more computer time.
Essentially, I take care of my computer work in the mornings.  I rarely pay attention to it later in the day.
Anyway, on Saturday, I went to another good friend's place (LC) to do her income tax.  This is an annual event, wherein we get a chance to visit -- just the two of us.  It only takes about an hour or so to do her taxes (she runs a home day care).  Then we get to "bond."
We go for a leisurely dinner at a local restaurant (she buys -- that's how she "pays" me for doing her taxes).  We go back to her place and chat up a storm over a couple of glasses of wine.
The following morning, we go for breakfast before I head home.  This has been our tradition for the past 18 years.  Prior to that, I lived in the city and there was no need to look for visiting time -- we had plenty of it.
This time, my little chickadee, my striking young man, and Pauple met us for breakfast so that was an extra bonus.
When I got home on Sunday, I hit the deck running.
Laundry ...
Restore the home to its proper state (after John having been alone for 24 hours!) ...
Get on the treadmill (can't miss a day) ...
Today, I had lots of computer work to catch up on before I could "play."
We've already been into town to run errands.
So now, I'm catching my breath.
I guess that kind of explains where the time goes.
It just flies!

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