Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've got the tickets!

It's official.  I'm going to see the Jersey Boys!

I bought the tickets this morning.
Originally, I thought I had to wait until April 6th to buy the tickets but they went on "pre-sale" last night.  (My little chickadee gets e-mails about this stuff and shares them with me.  She takes very good care of my interests!)
Anyway, I immediately tried to buy tickets last night but wasn't liking what I was being offered (the second row of an eight-seater box).  I also didn't like the fact that TicketMaster charges an obscene $11.50 per ticket when ordering from them.  I mean really.  Per ticket?  I can understand per order, but per ticket is just downright wrong.
I decided to wait until I could buy them directly from the Box Office without paying such objectionable fees.
But I woke up this morning and wondered if that was wise.  What if the best seats were gone by the time I could go to the Box Office (Monday morning).
So, I went back on-line and asked for the best available box seats again.  This time, I was offered the first row of an eight-seater box.  Well, now we're talking.  It's not exactly a private box (four other people will be seated behind us) but at least we'll be in the front!
Not being a gambler, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the ridiculous extra fees to grab those seats while they were available.  No telling how much longer they would be there.
It really truly rots my socks to have to bow to what can only be described as highway robbery.  The only way to purchase tickets is through TicketMaster.  It's really sad that we let them hold us to ransom like this!

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