Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My "Healthy You" Class

Yesterday was the first of seven of the "Healthy You" classes for which my doctor conscripted me.
When we discussed her referring me to the dietitian for help with my weight issues, I had no idea that it would mean a "classroom" approach to learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Not a bad approach, mind you.  I just wasn't expecting it.
In any event, I'm committed to it now so onwards and upwards (well, hopefully, downwards).
Each session will be 90 minutes long and will cover a different topic addressing a non-diet approach to healthy living.
Yesterday's session was an introductory/orientation one.  They essentially told us what they are going to tell us over the next six weeks.
We had some opening giggles when one of the participants asked, "What, no donuts?"  Another asked where the fudge was.
It's a good group of people, all committed to learning how to live a healthier lifestyle, hopefully losing weight in the process.  I'm the only one of the nine participants who needs to learn to eat more frequently as opposed to the others who will need to learn to curb their appetites.
We will have 'homework' to do each week (not very taxing homework, but homework nonetheless) and our "challenges" remain in play (ie we continue to have to meet our challenges as they were identified prior to the first meeting).  So I guess my weekly challenge will be to maintain the good success I've had in meeting my challenges (eat three meals and two snacks every day, and eat within 90 minutes of waking).  Presumably, if I continue to follow that regimen, by the end of the seven weeks, it will be a normal eating pattern for me.
My biggest fear is that if my brain cottons on to that eating pattern, I will become like my husband and always be hungry.  I'm assured that it won't happen that way.  Only time will tell.  Since I believe a person should eat only when hungry, if I'm hungry all the time, I'll eat all the time unless my brain doesn't allow me to give in to the hunger pangs.  I'll cross that bridge when (and if) it happens.
I did have an "ah ha" moment yesterday.  One of the hand-outs referred to savouring your food, enjoying the smell, the taste, etc.  That's when it clicked for me.  One of the reasons I don't "get hungry" is because I don't smell the food, I don't taste the food.  Therefore, I don't enjoy the food.
I don't get lured by the smells of a kitchen.
My brain isn't bombarded by tempting aromas.
My taste buds aren't piqued.
My digestive juices don't get rumbling.
Not until long hours have passed without food.
Then my stomach gets loud and angry because nothing but water has been put into it for far too long.
So I eat.
That is what has to change.
We also discussed the phenomenon of how a lot of people get down to within about ten pounds of their goal weight and then they get stuck there.  Nothing can convince their body to get past that plateau of weight loss.  (That's exactly what happened to me last year when I lost 20 pounds prior to my surgery but just couldn't get rid of that last ten pounds.  I've since gained the 20 pounds back.)
So I've decided to adjust my goal weight downward by ten pounds.  When I get to within ten pounds of that goal weight, I won't be upset when I can't lose the last ten pounds. (I'll actually be at my desired weight.)  I think that's a pretty crafty solution to dealing with that dreaded plateau of weight loss efforts.
Anyway, here's to healthy living.  Onwards and downwards.

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