Monday, January 21, 2013

The weirdest experience ever

Yesterday, I had what has to be right up there with weirdest experiences ever.
I was taking a day of enforced R&R, since I was seemingly in a mini fibro flare-up after my too-long day in the car on Saturday.
I stretched out on the recliner sofa (my "go-to" spot if I'm not at the computer) and started reading a new book ("A Secret Kept" by Tatiana De Rosnay).
After about two hours, I needed to sleep.  Badly.
So I grabbed a cover and let myself drift off.
And drift off I did.
I crashed for about an hour and a half.
My dreams were filled with activity.  I was the "old" me.  I guess one could say this was a period dream.  Placed in a period of my life before I was riddled with pain, I was certainly fully mobile.  Flitting about the house fixing this, cleaning that, taking care of everyone.  (Some of my siblings were present so I was perhaps back in the days of my pre-parenthood period.)
Then I began to wake up. Slowly.
And that's when things got really weird.
As I came to consciousness, I was aware of a spirit of pain invading my body.  It was actually like there was a cloud hovering over me, slowly entering my body from head to foot, leaving me with an awareness of pain throughout.
And then I was fully awake.
And the pain was back, just as it had been before I went off to dreamland where there was no pain.
That, my friends, is what I classify as a truly weird experience.

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