Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Thanks to MLC, I believe I've found my Nowlan family.
My little chickadee, for reasons known only to the computer-land fairies, gets different results from FaceBook searches than I.
I ask FB to find people, and I get garbage; results never come close to those I request.
But MLC puts in the same name, and she gets two choices -- the first being the very person being sought.
Go figure!
In any event, she sent me an e-mail and provided me with links to both Philip Nowlan and his sister, Teresa.
What do the links do?  Take me to my own FB page!  GGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
Talk about frustration.
Eventually, by copying the URL of the links she had sent me, I managed to actually get to Teresa's FB page.
Sure enough, it has to be the right Teresa.
There's a daughter named Jess. And listed among her friends is a Philip Nowlan (whom it would appear is now living in England so I guess the letter I sent to Connecticut didn't go to the right person).
Her friends include a Danaher, a few Bauers (her sister Donna married a Bauer) and very many Nowlans.
And she's living in the right area of New York.
I've sent a FB message to Teresa and am very anxiously awaiting a response.
So I guess the Nowlans weren't a true brick wall after all.  I received that photo of baby Philip at the beginning of December.  Prior to that, I didn't even know the Nowlans existed or our connection to them.  While it took only a few days to track down the information about them, it's taken a month to actually locate them.  Brick walls present much greater obstacles than that, and take much longer to solve.  (And of course, had I asked MLC to do the FB search back in December, I'd have made the connection then!)
Thanks MLC -- I knew I kept you for something.  Love you sooooooo much!

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