Sunday, January 27, 2013

Every move I make ...

Every step I take ...
Reminds me how much I hurt.
The burning pain in my hips continues to escalate.
Sleeping has become all but impossible.
I can't lie on my right side at all (well, OK, maybe for two minutes, tops).
I can usually manage on my left side long enough to get to sleep.
Then at some point I roll onto my back and come to consciousness, aware of the burning pain in both hips (a result of having lain on each side for too long).
And now today, because I exerted myself "too much" yesterday, I am in agony again.
Sleepless last night (third night running).
Too much pain.
Seems my body has decided that the dosage of steroid that I'm taking isn't quite enough to do the job.
Another visit to my doctor is in order because we obviously can't keep upping the dosage, although there is still room for some increase.
But where will it stop?  I know the maximum she will let me take is double what I'm at now, and we can get there in two steps.  However, if my body is going to continue to insist on more (which would appear to be the pattern it has followed all my life), I don't think we should go down that path.
Another solution must be found, and as distasteful as it might be, that solution would appear to be surgery -- again.
Damned bursa -- why didn't he take it out when he had the chance?
Every move I make ...

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