Monday, July 21, 2014

It's called "Dermatochalasis"

Today, I received a copy of the letter my opthalmologist sent to my plastic surgeon asking him to undertake my case for blepharoplasty.
Apparently, the condition is known as dermatochalasis, which is defined as "sagging of the eyelid skin and underlying muscle that occurs commonly during the aging process.  Symptoms may be absent or include brow ache, reduction of superior peripheral vision, sensation of the lid skin resting on the eyelashes, and interference of vision by the eyelashes.  Forward displacement of orbital fat may exacerbate this condition.  Treatment is predominantly surgical."  The surgical treatment is called blepharoplasty.
Here are photos of my eyes, clearly showing the "sagging eyelids."

As the letter states, "She is noticing some heaviness in her lids and also some neck and upper back strain as she lifts her head for viewing."
Ya think?
Anyway, when I received the September 22nd date for my hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty), I called the plastic surgeon's office to get a timeline on the blepharoplasty procedure.
Apparently, OHIP approval takes two to three months and that application was only sent on June 20th.  So I might not hear from the plastic surgeon again until mid-September.
Obviously, the blepharoplasty will have to take second priority to the arthroplasty since it is clearly more pressing that my hip get fixed than my eyes.

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