Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another surgery in my future

I had my final follow-up visit with the tummy-tuck doctor yesterday.  He was as pleased as I with the results.  My recovery is coming along right on schedule.  In fact, he commented that my scar is remarkably well healed for this stage in the process.  (That's me.  Fast recovery.  Fast heal.  What can I say?)
Anyway, I asked him if he had yet received the referral from my eye doctor for my eyelid repair.
Turns out he not only had already received it.  He had acted upon it.  He was so impressed with her "compelling argument" for the need for the work, that he included her letter in the application for OHIP approval.  That was done on June 20th.  (While blepharoplasty is often lumped with other cosmetic surgeries and therefore paid by the patient, sometimes it is necessary, as in my case when the overhang interferes with vision and also causes neck pain.  In those cases, OHIP picks up the tab.  *Phew*)
He said that it usually takes two to three weeks for OHIP approval to come through so he expects to hear from them any time now.  Once that arrives, his office will be in touch with me to set up an appointment for me to see him again.
But we've pretty well already discussed the procedure and how we'll approach it.  Normally he prefers to use general anesthesia, although it can be done with local.  I reminded him of my issues with anesthetic and my need to stay overnight (for what would normally be day surgery) and my Apnea etc.  So we both agreed that local it will be.  Of course that means that I will be hearing what's going on but so be it. Lesser of two evils.  (Just as long as I don't hear, "Oops.  That wasn't supposed to happen!")
The procedure is called Upper Lid Blepharoplasty and it is essentially a "tummy tuck" of the eyelids.
Here are photos of before and after blepharoplasty surgery:
My lids are, I think, a little more "drooped" than what is shown in the photo above (especially my right eye), but you get the idea.  If the results are anything like what is depicted in the photo below, I'll be quite happy.
I've been so many years with droopy eyelids, perhaps people won't recognize me after the procedure.
In any event, I expect that this will happen before the summer is out.

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