Saturday, June 28, 2014

Oh dear, the price one pays

I've had a most fun but busy time this past week.
Monday was MHYC's 13th birthday.  We combined our weekly visit to my beautiful Suzanne with our trip into the city to have dinner with our newly-minted teenager.
On Tuesday, I went back into the city to see a movie with good friend RR and her friend SM.  They go to a movie every week and I tagged along since their choice this week was the Jersey Boys.  (While it wasn't as good as the stage production, it was nevertheless most enjoyable.)  I spent that night at MLC's which gave me the opportunity to take in MHYC's soccer practice and have breakfast with him the next morning before heading home.
Wednesday this week was my Aaaaaaahday since my massage theraaaahpist had rejigged her week to accommodate end-of school schedules.  (I had cancelled Tuesday's physio session in favour of the massage on Wednesday.  Back to back therapies are not the most beneficial use of my money.)  And I broke my cardinal rule of doing nothing on massage days.  That evening we had a social commitment to attend the launch of a good friend's mayoralty campaign.  Couldn't not show up at that!
Thursday morning I went into town to run grocery errands.  And that evening we had another social commitment to attend a retirement party.
Fortunately neither of those social evenings was a late one.
On Friday, I went back to the movie, this time with my angel, RL, again to see the Jersey Boys.  (Yes, I love them that much, but I went more for the opportunity to spend time with my good friend.)  For the record, I would go again to see that movie, given the chance!
And here we are today.
I woke this morning suffering big time.  Well, mid-time really.  But suffering, nevertheless.
Mack trucks came through during the night.
That tells me that I've maxed out my body's ability to keep up with the social life.
Too much for me.
Today I will not even be getting on the treadmill.  There is no way my legs will allow it.  Doesn't matter how many braces I wear!
Time to stop and rest.
So rest I will.
Guess I'll take in a movie this morning.
My ball game starts at 1:00 pm so that will take care of my afternoon.
Evenings are easy peasy around here.
And I will take this as the reminder that it's meant to be.
Pace yourself, idiot!

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