Saturday, June 14, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

Gosh, if you ever want to while away a whole lot of time, get into the computer "business."
I'm not really into the business, I just happen to be cursed with a lot of knowledge in that field.  And believe me, it IS a curse!
A while back, John had a computer crash.
In our efforts to "fix" it, I made it worse.  We are still recovering.
In the process of consulting real help, I purchased a Windows 7 system because WinXP is going to leave us all behind on the Internet.
Hasn't that created no end of headaches for this household.
Took over a week to get the printers back up and shared as they should be.  Actually, I don't yet have John on one of them but that will happen in due course.  We have higher priorities.
I've been removing Internet-based software from my WinXP system and ensuring that I have what I need on the Windows 7 system.
So much fun that!
I think I now have everything as it should be.
And just to add chaos to the mixture, this past week didn't I decide to move my cell phone service.
Yep, I've moved into "smart phone" land.  Only problem is, when it comes to cell phones, I'm not so smart it seems.  Wow, what a learning curve!  (All I really need is something with which to make/recieve phone calls.)
Biggest challenge?  How to answer a call.  (Have to hold the green button and swipe across.)  Not even sure I have that mastered yet.  I'm told it comes with practice.
Once I was sure I was keeping the smart phone, I asked the new provider to transfer my number so I wouldn't have to change cell phone numbers.  That happened within three hours.  
We want to now give John my "old" cell phone because his is pretty well toast.  Seems the company hasn't yet released my phone although they have transferred the number out.
I've sent an inquiry but this is the weekend.  Perhaps by Monday the cell phone issue will be resolved.
Now to teach John how to use his "new" phone.
Lord, give me strength!

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Anonymous said...

I am not computer knowledgeable at all, but I can relate to not using a smart Phone. Only I won't be using one for the next couple of years. I can't work touch screens to save my life.