Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life just keeps getting in the way

Here it is, ten days since my last post and I haven't made any of the progress that I had hoped to achieve.
Where does the time go?
I must be getting really slow in my old age because I can recall when I could pack a whole lot of production into very little time.
Not any more it seems.
Last week was simply a lost week.  I don't think I was at home the full day for any one day all week.  Some commitment or other called me out of the house for a portion of each and every day.  In fact, this is, I believe, the first day I have had completely without commitment in that ten day period.
Can't have that happen again!
Oh, I'm lying.  I was home all last Saturday.  I chose to take advantage of the opportunity to clean the porch so we can start using it again.  We so enjoy the porch at this time of year and thought winter would never leave us. It was such a delight to finally be able to sit out there for our before-dinner drinks (drinky poo time in the Fowler household).

Our summer birds have arrived too.  (That was likely the impetus for cleaning the porch!)
We had received a heads-up from a friend on May 7th that he had seen a hummingbird nearby, so I went into action to get our feeders up.  And sure enough the next day the first of our hummingbirds had come in. We have two or three now but there will be several more before too much longer to keep all three feeders going for the season.  They are without a doubt my favourite bird to watch.

We have a gazillion finches; they are such a brilliant bird.  I've added a "sock" feeder, filled with thistle, which they seem to love.

 And there are numerous robins setting up homes about the place.

Of course, our grosbeaks have also arrived.  They too will be starting their families soon and before long their young will be arriving at our window sill, presenting us with their cacophony of wails to be fed.  They are hilarious to watch!

And this year, we have a very special visitor.  The beautiful oriole has decided to stick around this time so we have been putting out oranges to encourage them (there were three at one point).  Today, we put out the actual oriole feeder now we know they're seemingly here to stay.  What a delight to have them!

And this my friends, is what makes living in the woods so worth it!
Life is beautiful indeed.  Now back to regularly scheduled programming (trying to achieve production in other areas).

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