Thursday, April 3, 2014

My weight loss efforts

A year ago April 11th I embarked on my weight loss journey, initially setting no particular goal other than to get healthy.
Eight weeks later, I celebrated when I had lost ten pounds.  So proud of myself I was.
That's when I started setting goals.
In ten pound increments.
It took eleven weeks to drop the next ten pounds.  But by August 15th I was down a total of 20 pounds.  (I had wanted to hit that mark for my birthday on August 9th.)
The next ten pounds took even longer -- eighteen weeks to shed a mere ten pounds.  Not so proud of myself any longer but at least I was down a total of 30 pounds by Christmas!
This was taking way too long!
But I stuck to my regime anyway and started to make arrangements for that long-wanted tummy tuck.  That happened at the end of January of this year.
Then my weight loss stalled.
Wouldn't budge an ounce.
Of course there was a lot of swelling with the surgery and once everything settled down I was only smaller by the four pounds that the surgeon had removed.
Now, with only eight more days to go until the one year mark since I started this journey, I still have 3.4 pounds to lose.  With that, I will hit the 40 pound weight loss goal that I some time ago decided would be a nice round number to achieve. 
Another tummy tuck would just about do it.  Of course I jest.
I'll let you know when I reach this newest, and final, goal.   If I reach it by April 15th, it will have taken me another 17 weeks to lose the last ten pounds.
Then, my challenge will be to maintain my new weight.  And that my friends, will be a real challenge for me because I am eating all I want to eat.  And I'm eating healthily.  So how do I continue doing that and not continue losing weight?  I also certainly won't want to gain weight.
Balance, balance, balance ...

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