Friday, April 18, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret Revealed

OK, folks, I'm going to reveal my dirty little secret to the world.
Today being Good Friday, I will be observing the day as I have done every year since oh, about 1982, I guess.
That's the year I bought my first VCR.
And one of the first tapes I bought was "Jesus Christ Superstar."  Now of course I own the DVD version of the original production.
Yup, I love that movie.
I even have the CD and play it in my car (I wouldn't dream of subjecting others to my vice, 'cept maybe my little chickadee).
When my little chickadee was a wee thing, she would curl up with me on the sofa and we would sing along to the music.  (She won't admit it, but she knows every song, and she actually likes most of the music too.)  A few years ago she caught it on television (check your guide -- it will be playing somewhere today) and she couldn't believe it when my then-beautiful boy was mesmerized by the scenes and music -- a boy after my own heart!
I've gone to a high school production of it and I've seen the stage production at the National Arts Centre on more than one occasion. The year it came to Ottawa (I believe it was 1992) with two of the performers from the original film (Ted Neely and Carl Anderson) was a most memorable experience -- worth every penny just to see Ted Neeley perform live.
There are very few movies that I'll watch a second time; but I never tire of the music in JC Superstar.
So today, for the umpty-dumpth time, I'll play the DVD.  And I'll enjoy the music again like it was the first time I was hearing it.
"What's the buzz...  Tell me what's happenin'...  What's the buzz...  Tell me what's happenin'..."

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