Monday, April 7, 2014

It's good to be boring

So says my dermatologist.
John and I went for our annual once-over last Friday and we were both declared to be "boring."  As she explained, "That's good in this business."  Translation:  If nothing requires further attention, you are boring!  We'll see her again in another year, unless something of concern develops in the interim.  (She is again about to go off on maternity leave; her due date is May 18th.)
When we finished with her, I moved into the examination room next door to wait for her husband.  Time for my two-month check-up following my tummy tuck surgery.  "Boring," he said with a sly grin.  I am healing exactly as I should, everything is coming along right on schedule.  All is good.  I told him he was supposed to tell me I look fantastic, or amazing or something to that effect.  That's what everyone else tells me.  He said he has to stick to medical terminology.  Not allowed to tell me I look fantastic.  
He also gave me the "all systems go" as far as activity is concerned, explaining that I am "healed" although full recovery actually takes up to 18 months.  I admitted that if there were any restrictions on me, I have been violating them all.  Again a sly little grin.  (He's really quite cute!)
I received his clearance to receive cortisone shots in my knees.  So tomorrow when I see my family doctor, she will be giving me those injections.  Finally!  (She has refused to give me the shots until she had an "all clear" from my surgeon.)
By the end of the visit the surgeon allowed that I was "perfect," a designation I assured him I would be sharing with my husband!
I will see him again at the beginning of July when he will take my "after" pictures, and he agreed to give me copies of my before and after images.  Apparently, many patients ask for them.  That will also be our last visit, insofar as my tummy tuck surgery is concerned.
Turns out he also does eyelids so when my eye doctor says it's time for that repair to happen (a surgery that will be covered by OHIP), he will be happy to do that for me.  (I have what is called ptosis - a condition my eye doctor has been tracking for many years  Both eyes are affected, my right much more so than my left.  At some point in the not-too-distant future I will require surgical intervention.)  Now that I have this relationship with him, I would just as soon he do the work as start over with a new plastic surgeon.  I'm confident my eye doctor will have no objection to that approach.
Anyway, all in all, under the circumstances, I'm quite happy to be boring!

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