Sunday, April 13, 2014

Missed my weight loss goal

BUT, there were extenuating circumstances.
On April 8th,  I went to my doctor and got cortisone shots in my knees.  She told me then that I had to take it easy for a week to let the cortisone do its work.  That meant no treadmill for a week!  Since I hadn't yet done the treadmill that morning, it meant I was missing four days of workout (to my goal date).
I'm not allowed back on the treadmill until April 15th.  Factor in the four days I missed, and my deadline jumps to April 18th.
So, I now have until Friday, April 18th to meet that elusive goal of 40 pounds.
Of course, the cortisone also caused a bump in weight.  Not a big one, mind you, but a bump no less.
So now I have 3.6 lbs to go instead of 2.8 lbs.
I must say though, I'm really enjoying this new "skinny" status.
I feel so good about my new look.
Yesterday, I wore a pair of pants that my daughter gave me a few years ago when I had shrunk after being quite ill.  Her cast-offs!  They didn't quite fit me then.  But they do now.  Like a glove!  And they are soooooo comfortable.
You've heard of "not my daughter's jeans?"
Well, I told my little chickadee that I would have to get a t-shirt that says "these ARE my daughter's jeans" or, more rightly, "these WERE my daughter's jeans."
Suffice to say, weight loss goal being met or not, I am very happy with the new me.
Fairly soon now, John is going to get quite tired of hearing me say, "Have I mentioned how much I love being skinny?"

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