Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, My Little Chickadee

My little chickadee can make me laugh, no matter how depressing the discussion might be.

Yesterday, I sent her an e-mail about how much worse my hands were:  "My hands are worse than ever today.  Perhaps your prediction was right and whatever is afflicting my ring finger is spreading to all my fingers … Woe is me, it really hurts to type.  Whatever will I do if I don’t get this under control?"

Her reply:  "Well, there has to be some way to get it to a point where you are able to do things, and then maintain that.  I mean, you can’t have no use of your hands.  I assume it also hurts to do other things, but typing is just the worst?  Obviously so since you first noticed it when you were driving and said the shopping you did yesterday aggravated it.   You must have really pissed off someone in your former life to result in getting saddled with these afflictions!"

Moi?  Piss someone off?  I don't believe it.

Well, perhaps if I was a cat in my former life ...

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