Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gosh this sucks!

So, it seems I'm in yet another fibro flare-up.

From what, you might ask?

Well, I'm asking the same question.

On Thursday morning (yes, my massage day!) we made a quick trip into the big city to take care of a family matter that has been hanging over us for some time now.  It's not 'finished' yet but we moved it another step closer to resolution.

There was some physical labour involved.  Minimal on my part.  But I guess that's all it takes, when combined with the commute.

We arrived home with just enough time for me to shower and prepare myself for my massage therapist.  A tad too rushed for my liking.  But the massage helped work out the kinks, of which there were many.

On Friday, we spent the day getting ready for an almost impromptu visit from our Toronto host (that makes our fifth visit this year -- a record!).  He left about 2:00pm on Saturday and we hopped in the car to run errands in town (thank the Lord it wasn't back into the big city!).

The fatigue caught up to me, big time.  (The mack trucks were back last night.)

And all the while my finger has been giving me fits.  It simply isn't getting any better, although the Voltaren is keeping the pain at bay, somewhat.  By the end of the day, my finger is quite visibly swollen again.  Perplexing indeed!

Now today, my hands are extremely sore -- not just the one finger any more.  It's now all the fingers, and the wrists.

Hence, I'll end this post here, because typing is very painful.

Have I ever mentioned that fibro really sucks?


Buttons said...

I have been reading your blog I to suffer from Fibro and just started taking Lyrica I do hope it helps I have been dealing with the pain since 2004 without drugs but at the point I need them.
I do hope you are doing OK today. I know the feeling. B

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

Hello Buttons
Welcome to my blog.
I have been taking Lyrica for several years now and it made a tremendous difference to my life. It took a while to,determine the dosage for me, and we finally settled at 300mg per day (150mg twice a day). Any higher and my leg cramps just got stupid. But Lyrica has truly been my saviour. Good luck to you.