Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My true ailment

It might be asthma, but it's also bronchitis.
After seeing that nurse practitioner last Friday, I didn't improve any over the weekend.
On Monday, I had my routine appointment with my ENT specialist to "vacuum" my ears.  Of course, the treatment sent me into spasms of coughing.  Soon as he heard me, he commented about my bronchitis not helping with my ear issue (he found fluid buildup behind the eardrum).
I told him about the earlier diagnosis of asthma and he urged me to see my family doctor because my cough was bronchial, if not pneumonia.  He's not a "lung guy," but he knows coughs.  Asthma produces a dry cough and dry mine was not.
Yesterday, I saw my family doctor.
Explained the past week of medical back and forthing that I've been though. On Friday I was diagnosed with asthma. On Monday I'm told it's bronchitis. Same cough.  Two different health care providers.
She examined me and said, "Both are right.  It's asthma and bronchitis.  One can't get better until we treat the other."
A week of antibiotics (and continued increased use of my puffers) should do the trick.
We hope.
In the meantime, I can't have any wine for seven days.
Woe is me!!!!!

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