Wednesday, January 28, 2015

John's "new" dog

My neighbour has become a very good friend.  We regularly visit back and forth and very much enjoy each other's company.
Toop, John's dog, has been living in the house for the winter.  She's getting on in years and John feels that she doesn't cope with the cold quite as well as she used to, although her kennel is heated.  He always did bring her in when the temperature dipped below -20 but this year he decided she should stay in regardless.
She is restricted to the downstairs level -- John's studio, his workshop (where her sleeping quarters are).  She is NOT allowed upstairs in our living quarters.  She stinks like a dog big time, and I'll not have that odour permeating my living area.  Not to mention the dog hair that she sheds all over the place.  Bad enough the downstairs now stinks like dog and is covered with her hair!
Anyway, last Friday, my neighbour came over to give Toop a bath.  She was soooo co-operative it was amazing.  For a dog to be experiencing such a thing for the first time in her life (she's seven years old) and not panic was truly something to witness.  She allowed herself to be shampoo'd twice, conditioned and rinsed.  Then she was blow dried and brushed and had tufts of hair cut off.  She no longer "stinks like a dog."
She will be given a bath once a month.  Crazy neighbour lady!
Neighbour is on a campaign to convince me that I should put a doggie bed on the floor by the chimney, right beside the dining table, and let Toop live there.
Not gonna happen! 
On Saturday, my little chickadee and family came for a visit.  Toop decided that Natalie was her new best friend.  (Especially since Natalie brought her upstairs to visit with the visitors -- that was a special treat indeed.)
Natalie agrees with neighbour that a doggie bed for Toop would be nice, right in the spot suggested.
Not gonna happen!
Suddenly I got an e-mail from a very good friend who was "voting" with neighbour.
My response: "What part of 'not gonna happen' do you girls not understand?"
Her reply?  "What part of 'majority rules' do you not understand?
Fortunately, John still understands that if dog moves upstairs, Bonnie moves out.

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