Friday, January 10, 2014

Wow, where have I been?

Happy New Year everyone!
I have no idea why I've not posted anything since last year.  All I can say is, "I've been busy?"
I've certainly been busy this week.  Had to make three round trips to the big city -- Monday for my pre-op at the hospital; Tuesday for my physio session; and Wednesday for my pre-op with the surgeon.
Couldn't be helped so I had to do it.  But that ate up three days away from home.
Of course, yesterday being Thursday it was my massage day.  The day I otherwise do "nothing."
The other days were spent doing household-related stuff.  They're rotten jobs but someone has to do them!
Now, I'll be busy readying myself for the "big" day -- tummy tuck time on 27 January.  
Having had the hospital pre-op really helped put my mind at ease with respect to the process and protocols that will be followed.  The anaesthesiologist assured me that I would be well cared for.  The only stumbling block might well be over post-op pain management.  We seem to have different philosophies about that but the surgeon assured me that my views will prevail.  (My view is that I prefer to have minimal pain meds because of the adverse effect they have on me.  I'd prefer to suffer the pain of the surgery -- who expects to come out of surgery without pain?  That surgical pain will subside with time.  The side effects of the pain meds often last much longer with me.  Don't subject me to that extra suffering, please!)
The pre-op with the surgeon was very helpful too.  He answered all my questions and explained again the surgery in detail, then he took the "before" photos.  ("Now let it all out," he said.  "I know you've been holding it in for 30+ years, but this is the time you must relax and let it out."  Too funny!)  He'll take "after" photos at about the three-month post-op mark.
I am sooooo looking forward to it.  Well, I'm not really looking forward to the recovery portion of the journey, but I am surely anxious to get to the other side of the exercise.
It's interesting you know.  I'm not actually "broadcasting" the fact that I'm having a tummy tuck. (Let's face it, my readership here is very low.)  But when the topic arises, those people I do tell all seem to respond the same way:  "Wow, I wish I had the nerve to have one."   What that tells me is that secretly, every woman really does want to have a tummy tuck.  I'm just perhaps the first to be so open about the fact that I'm having one?
I do know a few people who have undergone the surgery.  They are very happy with the results.  But none of them is "readily open" about the fact that they have had the procedure done. (They reveal it in a whispered tone, so as not to let others hear.)  I, on the other hand, expect to be quite proud of my new body, come spring.  Why wouldn't I?  I've carried this albatross around for 35 years and I'll be delighted to be rid of it. I'm thinking I'll be extremely grateful to anyone who notices my new silhouette.

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