Friday, January 24, 2014

Dry Mouth Woes are OVER!

It would appear that my respirologist has solved my dry mouth woes.
I took my CPAP machine in for a "check up" the other day, just to ensure that all was as it should be pre-surgery.  He made a minor adjustment to it in light of the surgery but all was otherwise OK.
Then I raised the matter of my dry mouth issue again and suggested that perhaps the problem was coming from the mask.  I wondered if perhaps it didn't quite fit and was pinching my nostrils such that I couldn't breathe through my nose, forcing me to breathe through my mouth.  
He checked the mask against my face, determined that it was the right size for me, in that the next larger size would be too big.  But he opined that perhaps I was "between sizes."  
I explained that I had noticed that the only time I breathed through my mouth was when I was wearing the stupid mask.
He whipped out a nasal mask and fitted it to me, turned it on and said, "try this."  The force of air making its way through my nose was heavenly.  And I had no problem keeping my mouth closed and breathing through my nose!
So he gave me the nasal mask!
That night, I used the nasal mask rather than the full face mask.
No Biotene Oralbalance gel.
Went the entire night without waking with dry mouth!  (I did waken, but not for dry mouth issues.)
The second night, I wakened repeatedly because I couldn't get the damned thing to sit properly.  (Turned out I had put it on upside down.  My "dry runs" the next day quickly identified the problem and I figured out how to properly wear the damned thing!)
And last night?  Well again, I went the entire night without waking with dry mouth.  (I did waken once, but it wasn't because of dry mouth.)
I am sooooooo delighted to have that issue resolved, especially before going into hospital.  I wasn't relishing the experience of dealing with the post-surgical discomfort combined with the dry mouth intensity that would have come with the use of the CPAP machine while in there.
Dry mouth?
What's that?

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