Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weight Loss Progress

I haven't talked about my weight loss progress (or lack thereof) for some time.
There's a reason for that.
Over the Christmas holiday period, I kind of gained a few pounds.
OK, I gained four pounds.
Had a bit of a challenge shedding those four pounds too.
But now, I'm happy to report that not only have the four pounds gone into fat heaven, so too have an extra 1.2 pounds.
So, now, I am officially down 30.8 pounds (don't lose sight of that .8 -- it's significant!).  I'm almost at the 16% loss mark.  Do you realize how close that is to having lost 20% of my body fat?
I am so close now, I'm feeling a bit like the little engine that could (well, perhaps like the big engine that could -- or maybe the medium engine that could ...).
Obviously, I won't hit the 20% threshold before my surgery, but I think what it means is that, combined with the surgery (which will only account for about two pounds), once I've healed and the swelling subsides, I should be at least at that 20% loss.
Everything one reads about weight loss talks about the benefits derived from just a 10% reduction.  Well, I've almost doubled that.  Does that mean I get twice the benefit?  Or just increased chance of gaining those benefits?
Whatever it means, I'm danged pleased with my progress and I plan to continue my "healthy living" approach, so natural has the lifestyle become to me.
My new goal is to reach a 20% loss.  I now think that's doable and it will put me at a not unreasonable weight for me.
Perhaps I'll now set a date by which I would like to have reached my new goal weight.
I'm choosing April 11th.  That will be one year from the date on which I started this journey.
Only eight more pounds to go ...
... and twelve weeks in which to drop them.
Surely I can pull that off!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for having lost that much. It's great. I haven't been on the scale in months because I fear what it'll reveal, ie. that I've crossed the line from plain overweight to obesity. Is yoru surgery for weight loss too? I havent'been to your blog in forever so I forgot if I'd red this already.

C. Bonnie Fowler said...

Thanks for your support and I'm sorry that you haven't been as successful. Have you tried using myfitnesspal? It's a great asset to help keep you on track!
My surgery is a tummy tuck that I've wanted for 35+ years (I have an overhang as a result of previous abdominal surgeries, weight fluctuations etc). My weight loss has been in preparation for that surgery.