Friday, December 13, 2013

Strange Week

It's been a strange week, indeed.
I ended up in a fibro flare-up this past Sunday, for reasons I can only surmise, but the difficulty persisted through to Tuesday evening.
Truth be known, it had actually started on Saturday when my little chickadee was visiting but I didn't recognize the signs.  Sometimes these things have to hit me -- hard -- before I know what's happening.
Anyway, by Monday I sure as hell knew what was going on let me tell you.  I could barely put one foot in front of the other.
Needless to say, I hadn't done the treadmill on Sunday, and I didn't do it again on Monday, or Tuesday.
As the flare-up worsened, my hands became terribly inflamed.  I couldn't even pick up a pen to write.
Tuesday morning, very early, I called and cancelled by physio session.  There was no way I was up to making the round trip to the big city.  I ended up sleeping the morning away and that was obviously what my body needed.  By that evening, it was evident that the flare-up was fizzling out.
When I woke Wednesday, I was feeling alive again, with only the normal level of pain and discomfort.
Good thing, too, because I was lunching with my Angel that day and I don't get to see her nearly often enough so I would have been really upset had I been forced to cancel that date.
Of course, yesterday being Thursday, that's my do nothing day because my massage therapist comes to my home.  (I did do the treadmill on Wednesday and again Thursday though.)
My massage therapist asked me what I had done to bring on the flare-up and as I answered her, I realized that although I pace myself when putting up my Christmas Village, it really does take a toll on me.  I had hauled stuff out of storage on the Wednesday, did minimal assembly on the Thursday morning, considerably more assembly on the Friday, and had help with the rest on Saturday.  But the damage had been done by then and I suffered for the next three days.  As much as I love having it, it is evident that I pay a huge physical price.  
Today, I've been up since well before dawn (as I have been every day this week) and caught up on the housework that hasn't been getting done all week.
So there you have it.  Not sure how I'll handle Christmas next year.
But my village is now in place, and every evening I turn on the lights and enjoy the beauty of it.
It's worth every bit of pain!
This is last year's village.  It looks infinitely better this year, with the snow that my little chickadee helped arrange.  ("There was a blizzard came through.")                                             (Photo © John T. Fowler)

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