Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Christmas Eve!

(Photo © John T. Fowler)
This is a photo of my two-tiered Christmas village -- last year's version.
This year it is much lovelier. My little chickadee visited and helped me put the snow in properly.  There was a blizzard went through town!
We haven't taken a photo of it yet and we really should have done so immediately because now the main building (the focal point of the train circle) has lost its lights.  They are fibre optic and not replaceable or fixable.
So, while the photo that will be taken will depict the snow storm (how fitting, with all the snow we've had already!) it will not present quite the dramatic effect that we see as we admire it each evening.
And of course, the arrangement of presents under the tree will be different too.  There seems to be more this year (and Santa hasn't even arrived yet!).
In any event,
Merry Christmas!

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