Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm 65!

Yes I am.
And I embraced my new age.
Now, I qualify for O(ld) A(ge) S(ecurity) payments from the government.
We had a fabulous party to celebrate my joining the OAS Club.

Family and friends joined us in the dining room of our favourite local pizza haunt to mark the occasion.    


And on this special occasion, we seized the opportunity to "recreate" a favourite photo of me and my little chickadee.  We felt it was time it should be updated.

As MLC summed it up in a Facebook posting to her cousin, "Well neither of us had the right outfit, mom's glasses are significantly smaller, I have way better hair...and we were laughing far too much. So, there's a picture, I just don't think it would be immediately obvious that it was meant to be a re-creation."
Nevertheless, it is our recreated photo.  And one I will treasure.
Tomorrow, I go back to being 29!

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