Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yikes, it's been a long time

Have I really not posted here since mid-February?
I have an excuse.
Sort of.
You see, our lives were turned upside down last fall when John was diagnosed with what was believed to be liver cancer.
It took months of back-and-forth medical appointments to nail down the diagnosis.
It was liver cancer.
But it was totally treatable.
His surgery happened on February 25th.
We were told it was a four hour surgery, with a five day hospital stay.
Turned out to be an eight hour surgery, with a 17 day hospital stay.
I'll post more about the long, tiring ordeal later but suffice to say that he is now home and recovering quite nicely, albeit too slowly for his liking.  (The good news is they got it all, there's no sign of any further cancer, and he requires no other treatments!)
The wound re-opened at each end so we've had to be going to the local clinic for dressing changes every second day.  He's just graduated to every three days because, finally, they are starting to close.
The nurse predicts it will be another month before they are fully healed.
In the meantime, John still fatigues easily.  I've explained to him that as long as he is still having to heal that wound, his body is using all its defenses toward that healing.
In time, his energy will come back.
The other good news is we celebrated his birthday on Monday -- his 83rd.
For some reason, dyslexia sets in every April around this household!
This year, instead of a birthday pizza outing, he chose a breakfast outing.  Putting candles in his eggs was a challenge but I managed to turn his plate into a celebration anyway.  (The blue thingy plays "Happy Birthday" as lights dance along the letters.)
And of course, that day was also opening day of baseball season so we spent the afternoon watching our Blue Jays ball club beat dem damn Yanks on their own turf!
What more could a birthday boy ask?

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