Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Success, finally!

Remember my previous posts about that darling photo that had come into my possession of a baby named Philip Nowlan?  
Over a year ago, I had FaceBook messaged a person I knew to be Philip's younger sister, Teresa.  I had also messaged Teresa's daughter (Philip's niece); and another woman whom I was fairly certain was Philip's daughter.  A message was eventually sent to a gentleman named Philip Nowlan whom I thought could be him.
I had given up, thinking that the family simply didn't want contact.
Well, turns out I couldn't have been more wrong.
Yesterday I received a message from Teresa and she was beside herself with joy at my having found the lot!  She can't figure out how she missed my earlier messages but it turns out that the Philip to whom I sent the message was actually her cousin on her father's side (just happened to have the same name).  He finally contacted her and told her that it looked like someone really wanted to be in touch with her.  Only then did she discover my attempts to find them.
Didn't take us long to share stories.
By telephone.
We'll be talking again.
And she lives just over the border in New York.
So we'll likely be visiting.
I've also upped my friend count on FaceBook by several people.

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